new partnership with transformation protein and fitbenchCrush workouts, fuel your body.

We are incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Transformation Protein. Drawn to both Transformation’s product and the people behind the brand, the partnership was an easy decision. Keeping true to our priorities within our own business, their superior, high-quality protein powder matches the standard we hold products to at FITBENCH.

“Our benches are the best in the game, no doubt about that,” said FITBENCH CEO, Tyler Danen. “Transformation's protein powder matched us in their product category. I use it almost daily with my morning smoothies. It does not taste like your standard powder, which I think everyone can appreciate. Beyond the product, I’ve known Brian (Wargula) for years. Long-term relationships are extremely important here at FITBENCH. His team brings experience and new ideas to the partnership, which excites us even more.”

For those that focus on their health and wellness, understanding protein intake is important. Each serving of Transformation Protein’s Pro Level Protein contains 30 G of protein. With its blend of egg white, collagen peptide and plant-based proteins, Transformation Protein’s protein is optimal for muscle gain and minimal muscle loss. The nutrient-dense ingredients keep you fuller longer. The prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes support digestion and gut health. And, the added MCT Oil enhanced brain function and increased cognitive performance. Their pro-level protein is yet another, all-in-one product.

Offering two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, Transformation’s pro-level protein is not your standard whey mix; it is a specially formulated plant-based powder that is pure and clean. It is all natural, gluten free, dairy free, and keto friendly. With more people trying to find options, especially those with dietary restrictions, Transformation has been a game-changer. Since they began their business, they have been endorsed by big names in the fitness industry like Gunnar Peterson and Jen Widerstrom. With that sort of clout, Transformation has grown from the ground up.  

Transformation will be distributing our FITBENCH FLEX, helping us to grow our brand. In turn, we now have their pro-level protein powder available on our website and are excited to promote this high-quality product.

Grab Transformation Protein’s Pro-Level Protein in flavors chocolate and vanilla on our website here.

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