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Midtown Athletic Club Relies on FITBENCH for New ARENA Studio Training

Midtown Athletic Club (MAC) deliberately identifies opportunities in the midst of obstacles. This forward-thinking mindset has guided this family-owned, upscale tennis and fitness club company for 50 years of growth and success.

Most recently, in the face of multiple challenges of small group workouts at the gym during a global pandemic – like social distancing, limited capacities, and wearing facemasks – this luxury brand launched a new in-club studio in November 2020.

The ARENA specialty functional training studio is home to addictive and in-demand high-intensity sweat sessions at MAC’s Rochester, NY, and Bannockburn, IL facilities.

“Midtown has transformed its group fitness programing by offering boutique-style studios and signature experiences all under one roof, at no extra cost,” explains Christine Kull, studio manager at MAC. “This includes yoga, cycling, boxing, and more. What once was considered small group training is now incorporated into group fitness.”

Measuring between 1300-1500 square feet, the ARENA is equipped simply with 10 treadmills and 10 FITBENCH STUDIO units, which house four sets of rubber hexagon dumbbells (10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds), one 12-pound slam ball, and three sets of FITBANDS. Mirrored walls, driving music, and low, adjustable lighting impart an edgy, competitive aesthetic in what’s been called by Midtown staff as an “epic experience.”

The Rochester facility currently runs two to three 45-minute sold-out classes daily. APEX aims to build maximum strength, power, and speed through high-intensity treadmill work and a variety of exercises using dumbbells and slam balls. ENDURE emphasizes balance and stability using dumbbells and resistance bands, alternating with longer, endurance-building intervals on the treadmill.

Midtown’s expert coaches (personal trainers) and rockstar group ex instructors lead the high-energy, fast-paced workouts after undergoing a rigorous in-house training session, mastering all the elements of both class formats, and practicing their skills on their MAC colleagues. While the equipment may be minimal, there’s definitely no shortage of creativity.

“The coaches love to design creative workouts that flow easily using the FITBENCH,” Kull points out. “With this versatile tool, the ideas are endless!”

By design, the FITBENCH facilitates efficient workouts and seamless transitions. “The FITBENCH enables coaches to keep the flow and energy of the classes constant, without members having to stop and get equipment from another area,” says Kull. “Plus, the coaches love that the FITBENCH also acts as an incline and decline weight bench or a plyo box.”

The sleek design not only visually compliments the space, but also delivers valuable functionality. “The FITBENCH held everything we needed for our specific programming,” Kull adds. “It’s so stable and comfortable, just the right height, and safe to step or jump on when they’re locked into place.”

Keeping the ARENA clean is simple with the FITBENCH’s locking and unlocking feet. When unlocked, benches are completely mobile, even when fully loaded with weights. MAC’s staff can easily access the area under and around the benches to ensure that the workout space is sanitized for each class.

Within the approximately 4,000 members in the 160,000 square foot Rochester Midtown Athletic Club, the ARENA is driving a bold, committed community to embody perseverance, obliterate limits, and compel achievement.

“Members absolutely love this space, and the classes fill up so quickly that I had to add back-to-back sessions to accommodate those on the wait list,” notes Kull. “We’re getting lots of rave reviews!”

How awesome to be a part of the next-level ARENA concept at Midtown! The FITBENCH team congratulates Midtown on channeling fierce inspiration and dedication to drive your members.


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