We know everyone is used to free shipping, but this product is HEAVY, which means that these benches and weight sets ship freight.

That essentially means that we contract out our shipping to LTL companies, who need more than just a set of hands to deliver the products. Between the weight of the product, plus the coordination of your delivery, unfortunately, YES, shipping is ~that~ much.

Yes, FITBENCH is a global brand and we have several International Distributors. Please contact us at to request information from your local fitness distributor. You can also check out our global FITBENCH partners:



FITBENCH Australia

Please note the FITBENCH FLEX and FITBENCH FREE are currently only available for purchase in the United States.

When the FITBENCH is delivered it will be fully assembled and in a wooden crate.

The FITBENCH crate will be delivered curb side with a liftgate both commercially and residential. We offer white glove delivery as well, which includes full installation of the bench and debris removal.

Follow the directions on the crate for removing the crate top, then follow the directions on the side of the crate that has an “O” on it. Both the top and the side of the crate have hinges on them so the crate can be re-used or re-purposed. Here is a great video explaining how to uncrate your bench featuring our CEO, Tyler Danen!

We recommend moving the bench into desired location before adding the weights.

Under NORMAL (not global pandemic!) circumstances, a FITBENCH delivery can take up to 10 business days depending on where you are in the country. For international shipments, please contact us at

In addition, we have the option for local pickup! Our FITBENCH HQ is based out of Ixonia, Wisconsin. If you are close by, you're welcome to come pick up your bench at our warehouse. A truck is a must-have, as we will load the crate into the back of your truck bed. This is a great option to save on shipping costs IF you're in the area.

36 for 20ft container; 78 for 40 ft container; 104 for a 40ft High Cube Container. The minimum shipment for a container load is 36. Domestic quantities can be of any number of units.


Let's get you in contact with our sales team! They can talk about bulk orders, discounts, and customization. Feel free to email

If you want to see how we've customized our commercial benches, check out our Instagram for some inspo.

HECK YES! That's what makes our benches so special. They can be customized with your brand's logo and numbering decals, branded colors, and a debossed bench top.

Such a great question! The biggest difference between the ONE and the FLEX is the 2-wheeled vs 3-wheeled movement.

The ONE has a third wheel with locking feet so you can easily unlock the bench, move it 360-degrees, and lock it back into place. This comes in handy for studios/clubs that are constantly changing up their studio space or need to clean under the benches.

The FLEX has just two wheels for 180-degree movement. We recommend removing all of the accessories before moving the bench. If you have a home gym and don't plan on moving your bench too often, this is a great option.

The tops are also slightly different (ONE has a molded top; FLEX has a stitched vinyl top).

Lastly, the ONE includes FITBANDS in the pricing, while the FLEX does not. You can still add on the FITBANDS with our new bundles or shop a la carte.

Yes, we made it that way for a few reasons.

- First off, the FITBENCH was designed for HIIT workouts rather than just acting as another simple weight bench.

- By eliminating the seat, you have the chance to get a full body workout no matter the exercises you’re performing. You can still do every exercise that you’d do on a standard bench, but you now force your lower body to engage too.

- In addition, the completely flat bench surface with eight different elevation positions allows FITBENCH users to add both incline AND decline exercises. Think reverse hyperextension, incline chest press, reverse crunch, whatever!

The FITBENCH FREE is our NEWEST and lightest model. We are proud to announce that this is our first 100%-made-in-the-USA bench.

It is made of a polyethylene base, so the FREE weighs only 80 pounds when unloaded. With that weight, you can easily take it with you in your car to places like the park, your personal training clients' homes, or to a different room in your house.

Check out exactly what the FREE is about here.