adjustable dumbbells fitbench pro new partnership mx select


adjustable dumbbells fitbench pro new partnership mx select

FITBENCH and MX Select Form New, Quality Partnership

In today’s fitness industry, it should come as no surprise that forming strong relationships are key to succeeding. With the variety of equipment types, accessories, or technology coming out at this day in age, sometimes teaming up with an expert makes more sense than reinventing the wheel, or even trying to one-up them.

Essentially an all-in-one workout bench that includes accessories, such as dumbbells and resistance bands (called FITBANDS), FITBENCH appeals to both commercial and residential settings alike. FITBENCH has been adding new products to their line of benches over the past years. The PRO is their newest addition, which stores adjustable dumbbells on tilting shelves.

CEO and Founder of FITBENCH, Tyler Danen, has been trying to perfect the PRO for nearly four years. Since releasing it during the summer of 2020, it has been a big hit for those that want to lift more than just 30-pound dumbbells.

“The demand for the bench itself was high, but the low supply of weights posed quite an issue. Everyone was trying to get their hands on kettlebells and dumbbells this year, which is where we ran into some problems,” Danen said.adjustable dumbbells space saving workout solution

After meeting Lance Goodemann years ago, the two had shared the same passion for innovation, quality solutions, and of course, long-term relationships. Goodemann, who leads the team at MX Select, created a tangible solution to Danen’s issue of supply: the MX Select adjustable dumbbells. These adjustable dumbbells, which also share the concept of space-saving with FITBENCH, take the place of ten different sized weights (up to 85 pounds in the MX85) in one clean, quality design.

The team at FITBENCH, who has decades of experience in the fitness industry, understands the value of partnerships. One of FITBENCH’s core values, in fact, is “[believing] that long-term relationships start with honesty, integrity, and the sharing of knowledge”. With that, a no-brainer alliance was formed.

“Simply put, we want to do business with good, trustworthy people. The added benefit of a product that works well with ours is just the icing on the cake,” said Danen.

After the weight drought that 2020 brought, Goodemann and MX Select were able to get a large supply of their line of dumbbells: MX30, MX55, and MX85. Fitting perfectly in the PRO, the MX55, which ranges from 10 to 55 pounds, can now be purchased with the FITBENCH PRO for the ultimate, all-inclusive solution in any club, studio, or home gym. Having stock is especially important during these weight shortages, so naturally both Danen and Goodemann are feeling exhilarated.

“We are excited and honored to have our new line of MX Select dumbbells chosen as the exclusive solution for the FITBENCH PRO. MX Fitness Supply and FITBENCH are both committed to a high standard of service, providing quality products, and valuing integrity,” Goodemann remarked.

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