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We are showcasing EverybodyFights for our October Studio Spotlight!

FITBENCH was honored to team up with EverybodyFights in the opening of their seventh location in the US. EverybodyFights understands the importance of space-saving and functional equipment, and we are privileged to be a part of their programming and business model.

We needed a solution to organize and store equipment in our ROAD classroom in an efficient manner. FITBENCH opened up floor space by consolidating equipment and ensured the room remained organized and clean. Members and trainers love the variety of equipment in the FITBENCH, and it’s helped take our ROAD classroom experience to the next level. -George Foreman III, Owner of EverybodyFights

I have had the chance to take a few classes at EBF and it is truly a unique and kick-ass workout! I highly recommend trying out a class if you are in Boston, NYC, Kentucky, Atlanta, Philly, or Chicago ( We are so grateful to partner with EverybodyFights and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow as a business and a team. If anyone is interested in franchising opportunities with EverybodyFights, please contact Ben Eld at -Tyler Danen, Owner of FITBENCH

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