rowing boutique fitness studio NYC RowgattaGive it up for Rowgatta!

We are truly honored to partner with one of NYC’s newest boutique fitness studios. Co-founds Nadav Ben-Chanoch and Kenny Rosenzweig have transformed their passion for fitness into creating a one-of-a-kind program that is beneficial to marathoners and CrossFitters alike. Having just opened in September of 2019, Rowgatta has already made a name for themselves.

Keep it up, #fitfam!

We love the FITBENCH for our High-Intensity, Low-Impact (HILIT) Bootcamp Classes. Unlike other fitness studios, our Athletes (as we like to call them) don’t have to schlep across the studio to retrieve and return equipment throughout class. Our coaches also love the FITBENCH because its versatility allows them to be creative in their programming. The FITBENCH is not only super sturdy, it’s also very sleek and looks great in our studio. Highly recommended! -Nadav Ben-Chanoch

Check out how Rowgatta is utilizing their FITBENCHs:

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