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The FITBENCH Train app is here. 

We are incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with PEAR Sports in the creation of our new FITBENCH Train app. From start to finish, PEAR has been able to lead our team in getting the app to the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

“With the changing times of more people working out at home, we knew it was time to add a digital aspect to FITBENCH,” said Founder/CEO, Tyler Danen. “We have received a lot of feedback on the fact that it is a cool looking product, but sometimes users are intimidated by the look of the bench. By adding an app where home users can scroll through hundreds of workouts, they are able to see how many exercises can be done with their bench. It is the perfect complement to our new home-focused bench, the FITBENCH FREE.” 

Danen and Dave Hannum, of PEAR Sports, have known each other for years leading up to the partnership. Seeing as long-term relationships are a key component of the culture at FITBENCH, this was an easy decision for Danen. The combination of PEAR’s technology, along with their well-equipped team, the FITBENCH Train app is everything the home user will want plus more coming in the future. Innovation is a huge reason that FITBENCH has been so successful, and it is without doubt that the Train app will be ever-changing as well.  

The FITBENCH Train app offers an exercise library of over 300 movements, with countless workouts that have been created by Lateef Johnson of FIT Austin, and Jeremiah Evans of Solcioty Fitness, and many other industry professionals. The tile-style workouts allow users to see the exercises being done with detailed explanations should users need help. 

Not only can the app be used on smartphones or tablets, but it also connects to wearables, like smart watches. In addition, it can cast to smart TVs so that the user can project the workout onto a larger screen. Users can choose between curated music powered by Feed.FM or can listen to their own music to stay engaged. The ability to track progress and schedule workouts with the calendar function rounds out the FITBENCH Train app. 

Both teams at FITBENCH and PEAR Sports are elated to have the app finally come to market. The most exciting times as ahead, as both companies promise to keep making changes and iterations based on customer feedback. Innovation is key! 

Get the FITBENCH Train app here: 

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