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Drive Custom Fit Adds FITBENCH to Innovative Studio Class Lineup

Striving to “ignite the fire that’s inside each of us,” the one-of-a-kind Drive Custom Fit (DCF) in Salem, NH, is an energetic, immersive experience that quickly becomes addictive.

DCF co-founders and co-owners Tony Hajjar and Jake Bosse, along with their fueled staff, channel their infectious passion to fulfill their mission to “fan the flame of your inner drive and help you develop a strong, healthy body and a clean, expansive mind.”

In its recently opened 25,000-square-foot facility – which serves as the fitness anchor of Tuscan Village, a premier lifestyle destination in southern New Hampshire – DCF is eagerly emboldening the local community all day, every day.

Growth and Evolution

Hajjar and Bosse, lifelong friends and fervent fitness enthusiasts, were motivated to share their love of strength training and yoga by making these formats accessible to everyone. They added a novel twist by borrowing from hot yoga sessions to invent heated cardio and strength classes.

In 2013, the first DCF opened in a 4,500-square-foot space in a medical office building in Methuen, Massachusetts. By 2016, DCF had moved to a 17,000-square-foot facility. As more exercisers kept coming, Hajjar and Bosse had to think bigger. Earlier this year, they opened the premium facility at the Tuscan Village 180-acre development, where they inspire approximately 800 visitors daily.

“This is a unique space and concept, with multiple studios offering a different programming focus and environment, all under one roof,” Bosse says. “We are all about growing and scaling our community, and this is just the beginning.” The behemoth building features eight studios for classes, small group sessions, and personal training, along with locker rooms, saunas, a café, and a pro shop.

Studio Selections

Home to ever-changing 55-minute sweat sessions, the DCF individually designed studios include multiple iterations of the following formats:

  1. Synergy – Various types of strength training
  2. Knockout – Cardio and strength circuit challenges
  3. Phase 16 – Audio-driven, heated group cycling and strength
  4. Shred – Cardio and strength in 95-degree Fahrenheit setting
  5. Mind & Body – Multiple yoga class formats, from power to barre to recovery
  6. C2S – New circuit-based, heart rate-driven cardio to strength (C2S) HIIT

DCF members can experience as many as 45 different classes each week, thanks to the relentless creativity of its team.

FITBENCH: A Game-Changer

The recently debuted C2S studio concept was developed around 15 customized FITBENCH ONE units to facilitate variety and efficiency for a creative menu of rigorous workouts. The all-in-one workout bench features incline options, plyo box functionality, and built-in storage for six sets of rubber-hexagon dumbbells, two kettlebells, one slam ball, and three sets of FITBANDS.

“We chose FITBENCH for its versatility,” Bosse explains. “Our programs are different every day and every week, and we incorporate all sorts of equipment. From arm day to leg day, to everything in between, the benches have truly helped us develop the innovative, custom programming that DCF is known for.”

Plus, FITBENCH makes it simple to manage the busy studio. “With the amount of equipment that we utilize in our programming, it has always been important for us to easily maintain, organize, and keep our equipment off the floor,” Bosse adds. “Having everything centrally located alleviates the stress of ensuring that the studio is adequately equipped.”

The cool aesthetics of the FITBENCH, which also sports DCF’s logos and custom colors, also perfectly complement its hip, dynamic environment. “The visual appeal of the FITBENCH, and the ability to maintain our brand identity by customizing it, was truly a game-changer for us,” Bosse points out. “And it’s of the utmost importance to us to partner with brands that have similar ideals and goals.”

As the Benchmark of Fitness, FITBENCH is pumped to be an essential part of the exceptional, signature workouts at DCF. Congrats to Tony, Jake, and the entire DCF team for your impressive motivation and innovation!

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