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Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and Vancouver, British Columbia — October 6, 2020 – FITBENCH announced the continued expansion of  its business operations into Canada with the launch of FITBENCH Canada.  This new entity will operate as the Canadian Partner for FITBENCH and will be owned and operated by three industry and business veterans; Emre Ozgur, Andrea Kloegman and Salim Kassam.

“FITBENCH has had an amazing evolution and growth over the last five years.  As we look at our company and our future, we knew we needed to have a dedicated, Canadian-operated division to cater to the growing demand from the Canadian market.  Ozgur, Kloegman, and Kassam bring a wealth of experience, capacity, and competency; they are exactly what we were looking for.  Together, they are FITBENCH Canada and will operate as the Canadian arm of FITBENCH.   This is the first partnership of this type we have ever embarked upon, but we couldn’t be more excited about what this group will achieve,” said Tyler Danen, Owner and CEO of FITBENCH

Known for its innovation and versatility, FITBENCH produces portable, adjustable benches that store fitness accessories such as dumbbells, slam balls, kettlebells, FITBANDS, and more. Having all these fitness tools at an exerciser’s fingertips allows for infinite efficient, effective, and diverse workouts.

Jointly, Ozgur, Kloegman, and Kassam commented; “Fitness in Canada, and all around the world, has changed. It is not a matter of pursuing big box, boutique, OR home as we know that FITBENCH will be the choice for all three. Additionally, we will  enter new verticals such as hospitality, universities, and long-term housing accommodation. Between the concept of FITBENCH, Tyler, and his team, we feel that we have found a robust and innovative platform for the future.  We are truly honoured to have entered this partnership are excited to be managing and growing the FITBENCH brand in Canada.


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