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Inspyr is an industry-disrupter, combining Cycle, Strength, and Mind-body into a studio in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Their boutique style Strength classes feature a dynamic and unique daily workout, complete with water rowers, TRX straps, resistance bands, and more. The Cycle studio hosts Rhythm classes, Bootcamp classes and Lift classes, taught by triathletes and Master instructors. The Mind-body studio boasts a broad variety of Pilates, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga classes.   

The studio not only “inspyrs” those who walk in the door, but also those less fortunate in the community. Inspyr Studio hosts various fundraising classes, donating all proceeds to charity, as well as Doga (dog yoga) to support local animal shelters, and in-studio donation collections such as the Salvation Army Giving Tree.

Inspyr successfully aims to have something for everyone, and they achieve this through top-notch trainers and unique, state-of-the-art equipment, like their FITBENCHs.

Inspyr selected FITBENCHs for their sleek appearance as well as their novel convenience. At first glance, the FITBENCH is a compact and sturdy piece of equipment; Inspyr loves them even more for their practicality. Since the FITBENCH holds a variety of accessories, members do not need to search for the correct sized dumbbells or kettlebells. This significantly cuts down on distractions and reduces transition time within classes, allowing classes to run smoothly. The FITBENCHs also complement Inspyr’s ever changing program by providing a versatile and personalized tool that works in so many ways – as a step bench, incline or decline bench, and a wall. They are the perfect height for jumping on, planking off, wall-sitting, and so much more.

Inspyr Studios’ FITBENCHs can be quickly and easily moved, allowing for a truly customizable experience in terms of class layout. In addition, members appreciate the new soft-close bench top, which keeps fingers safe and prevents the annoying sound of slamming.

Members love the versatility of the bench as well. They have multiple options for weight sizes, allowing for a more personalized workout. The FITBENCH Studio offers a lower height, for better positioning and improved posture during sets. Unanimously, Inspyr coaches and members agree: FITBENCH helps keep the studio on the cutting edge of fitness training, and ensures the workouts are always “Inspyring”.

Like other studios, Inspyr had to shut its doors in mid-March due to the COVID pandemic. During the three-month closure, the Inspyr crew worked behind the scenes offering virtual “live” workouts, thoroughly cleaning the studio (per CDC guidelines), and formulating a plan for reopening.

The plan included rearranging the studios to accommodate “pods” of equipment for each participant so that no equipment was shared during class. In addition, tape and signage were put into place which clearly defined each participant’s workout boundaries. The flow of the room was also dictated by tape and signage, ensuring participants did not unsafely cross paths. The Inspyr coaches creatively named the “unsafe” space “hot lava”. Moving the FITBENCHs was the easiest part of this reorganization!

Inspyr’s “soft” reopening was in Phase 3 of the Illinois reopening plan on Wednesday, June 10, offering a small number of classes and allowing only six participants per class. It was important to ensure all safety measures put in place were effective and that social distancing guidelines were being followed. Since then, the studio has expanded their class schedule to include not only more classes, but also more types of classes. The outdoor workouts that were added have been a big hit as people enjoy being outside and together (yet apart).

Illinois is now in Phase 4 and Inspyr continues to follow all CDC guidelines very carefully. Participants must get temperature and health screening checks and are required to use hand sanitizer when entering the building. The social distancing rule is currently six feet between participants which has allowed the rooms to be set back to normal. Six and 12-person class sizes are now offered, and classes are added as demand increases. In addition, “On Demand” Inspyr workouts will soon be available to those people who cannot physically attend classes.

Inspyr is thankful for all the support it has received throughout the last few months. The Inspyr community showed its true strength and loyalty through donations, membership unfreezes, well wishes, and more. The studio looks forward to a brighter future and continuing to Inspyr all.

We are excited to see Inspyr Studios in Arlington Heights getting after it! It shows true initiative to move forward with these uncertain times.
Keep it up, Inspyr team!

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