Interested in getting FITBENCH certified? Want to know how best to use your FITBENCH? Have you purchased FITBENCHs for your studio or club and want to get your team trained?

Our FB EDU course is ACE-certified (0.4 CECs worth) and is available in each region of the US. We have five Master Trainers who can also travel to your studio and get your team educated.

COURSE SUMMARY: FITBENCH allows coaches/personal trainers/group instructors to deliver a more impactful and unique training experience. This course will teach you how to set up, program, and coach highly effective one-on-one, small group, or large class environments utilizing the FITBENCH and its included accessories (dumbbells, kettlebells, slam ball, FITBANDS). Attendees will leave with four weeks of programming support, access to an extensive exercise library, and tools to create your own progressive workouts.

Read more about the FB EDU here.