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1.Women’s Solids Ankle 4-Pack, Bombas, $45.60 2. FitBench Flex, FitBench, $1,595 3. The OV Kit, Outdoor Voices, $95 4. Customized Nike iDs, Nike, varies 5. 1-Year subscription, FitRadio, $60 6. Duffel Pack 2, Aer , $170 7. Chocolate Lovers 24-Pack, Apres, $108 8. Nut butter variety pack, RXBAR, $17 9. Personalized Yoga Mat, Etsy, $84 10. The Bomber Jacket, Everlane, $80 11. Resistance mini-bands, Amazon, $10.95 12. R8, Roll Recovery, $129 13. SweatWorking subscription, SweatWorking App, $14.99/month

The absolute one thing that can make or break a workout (especially if you’re a runner) — socks. Too thin and those blisters come right up, too thick and they don’t fit in your trainers. For the “juuuuuuust right” athletic socks, turn to Bombas. We love them for a gift because it strikes the perfect blend of “oh, these are actually really cute” and “heck yes, I really needed these and I’ll use them all the time.” Just like you and your gym BFF, Bombas socks are the perfect pair.

For the 5 am fitnesser, take the guesswork out of matching workout clothes before early-morning sessions by gifting an Outdoor Voices kitCustomized Nikes always have a “wow” factor, too.

No matter what kind of exercise you love or how experienced you are in the workout scene, nothing motivates a workout quite like some good old-fashioned gear. Bomber jackets are all the rage this season, and they’re the perfect sporty look to layer on top of workout clothes for a cool studio-to-street look.

We’re always on the hunt for the perfect gym-to-work bag, and we think we’ve found it with the Duffel Pack 2 from Aer. It’s perfect for a commuter without a ton of time to stop at home to change after a gym session. This bag works even if you have to bring your laptop to and from the office, AND you need to stash a full change of clothes and shoes, too — all without breaking your back.

For a friend who’s just starting their fitness journey, a couple of items will prove their worth time and time again. A yoga mat can be used for — duh — yoga, but it’s also great for any at-home workout; plus, personalizing it adds a thoughtful touch. If your friend has all the makings of a devoted yogi, a private session with a popular local yoga teacher could be just the way to help them lay the foundation for their practice and learn the ins and outs of each pose.

Resistance bands are also a great tool for beginners, especially if it’s a gift for a frequent traveler — they’re light, low-maintenance, and you can get a LOT of sweat mileage out of them.

Or what about the gift of free music? Gift a FitRadio subscription so your pal never gets tired of hearing the same old playlist at their gym or in their earbuds — they have endless playlists that can be customized to certain tastes and genres, and you can even filter songs by BPM for hitting a certain stride or beat on the bike.

Any one of these gifts works well on its own or when paired with a free trial of an app like the SweatWorking app, which gives the user free at-home workouts that can be done with or without equipment.

For someone who’s really committed to working out at home but doesn’t have a ton of space, how about all the essentials for a compact home gym? The FitBench Flex has everything — and we mean EVERYTHING — you need for a starter home gym. It’s a bit of a splurge, but we think it’d be perfect for someone who works from home frequently or a new mom who can’t make it to a brick-and-mortar gym.

And don’t forget about recovery! The R8 Recovery Roller may look like a Spanish Inquisition-Era torture device, but … actually, it kind of is. But in a good way! It’s perfect for those hard-to-roll spots on your legs and reeealllly getting in there. Gifts you can taste are always a good idea too — we love the plant-based protein shakes from Apres, especially the Chocolate Lovers pack, and alllll the nut butters from RXBAR (a perfect stocking stuffer or a cute gift tag, too!).

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