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FITBENCH Teams Up with GovX During November to Support Salute Our Soldiers, Catch A Lift 

Create worthwhile partnerships and give back. 

November is Military Family Appreciation Month and this time around, FITBENCH and Stone Creek Club and Spa are highlighting Salute Our Soldiers, a campaign that gives back to US military and vets. 

For years, FITBENCH has teamed up with Stone Creek in Covington, LA to create awareness and raise funds for Salute our Soldiers (SOS). Between corporate sponsorships, push-up challenges, and selling apparel at the Athletic Business Show, SOS has raised over $50,000 to support organizations that give back to vets, military families, and everyone in between. 

This year, FITBENCH and Stone Creek are elated to fully support Catch A Lift (CAL), a nationwide nonprofit supporting post-9/11 combat-injured veterans heal their seen and unseen injuries through fitness, nutrition, emotional wellness, and community.  

Because both companies are involved in the fitness industry, this was an easy decision to focus their support on CAL for 2021. "Catch A Lift has helped me remain steady and strong in both my mental and physical state of mind. Their support and existence have helped me daily to be a better mother, friend and human. Dealing with PTSD doesn't just go away with therapy, but the tools and support CAL has given me allows me to manage it and get stronger each day despite it,” said a CAL veteran. 

To raise awareness and financial support, FITBENCH and Stone Creek each focus on different efforts within their respective communities. 

This year, FITBENCH is also donating a percentage of all online sales during the month of November to SOS. Tyler Danen, CEO of FITBENCH, explained how important it is to show gratitude and give what you can. “Despite the craziness that our world is facing, it’s important to remember who has given so much for others and our country. Our team is incredibly grateful for those that have served, are serving, and will serve in our future.”  

In conjunction with the donation, FITBENCH has partnered with GovX to make it simple for military, their families, and first responders to receive a 10% discount when shopping their site to stay fit. GovX is an e-commerce platform that works with hundreds of companies to offer exclusive discounts to current and former military, first responders and law enforcement. Their GovX ID verification system allows their members to save on premium brands for free. 

“For the last ten years, GovX has offered the best prices on top-notch gear for our members' on and off-duty lives, available exclusively for men and women who serve our country and communities. Building the catalog and growing our community allowed us to launch GovX Gives Back in 2015, our charitable arm that allows us to support service members in more meaningful ways. Through this program we have partnered with dozens of nonprofits, raising money, and advocating for active duty, veterans, and the families who stand by their side. Since launching GovX Gives Back, we have raised over $1.3M for organizations supporting these communities. As this program grows, we're incredibly excited to partner with other mission-driven brands like FITBENCH to make an even bigger impact in the lives of those who serve, no matter what uniform they wear,” said Alan Cole, CEO of GovX. 

For Stone Creek, each year they support SOS through their Stars and Stripes Salute, where corporations and members alike donate to earn Tribute Flags. “For 14 days, from November 1st through November 14th, we will fly hundreds of American flags along the property of Stone Creek Club & Spa on Ochsner Blvd. in Louisiana and on their Fitness Trail as a show of our patriotism and support for our American Heroes,” Marvin Gresse, General Manager of Stone Creek said. “[The Salute] is our way of thanking those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.” 

Both FITBENCH and Stone Creek Club and Spa are incredibly passionate about moving Salute Our Soldiers forward. And with some tradition and some new components, 2021 for SOS looks bright. 


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