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Legendary Fitness Miami Builds Legends Using FITBENCH

In its quest to enable its members to build the stamina to overcome any obstacle and ultimately reach their goals, Legendary Fitness Miami has had to conquer its own challenges.

The studio first opened in Miami in 2014, and Lazaro Angel Gonzalez (also known as “Mr. Legendary”) purchased it in 2020, just before the onslaught of the pandemic – and the resulting lockdowns, limited indoor gatherings, social distancing, and face masks.

“We lost 80 percent of our membership during the pandemic, and really had to strive to survive this hardship,” says Gonzalez, who also is a Master Trainer. “We moved to an online training program and pushed through until we were finally able to open our doors.”

Now consistently filled with members (known as “Legends”), the 3,000-square-foot facility features group classes, small group training, individual personal training, one-on-one cardio boxing sessions, and recovery and rehab routines. With 12 one-hour classes per day, accommodating as many as 32 to 42 beginners to elite athletes indoors and outside, Legendary Fitness workouts combine dynamic music and dramatic lighting that encourage good vibes only.

The weekly schedule includes two HIIT days, two lower-body days, two upper-body days, and a wildcard workout Sunday. All classes capitalize on four FITBENCH FLEX workout benches, which house six sets of dumbbells (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 pounds); two kettlebells (18 and 30 pounds), and one 15-pound slam ball.

The compact FITBENCH requires minimal floor space, and keeps equipment neatly stored and conveniently at the exercisers’ fingertips.

“We love how multifunctional the FITBENCH is, which is perfect for our clients and the diverse training we offer,” Gonzalez points out. “Our coaches truly appreciate all the different exercises we can incorporate using the FITBENCH. This is a big advantage over a traditional adjustable bench.”

A Compelling Culture

In addition to its legendary sweat sessions, the studio’s environment radiates community.

“Our culture is everything to us, and stems from our experiences and drive to survive,” Gonzalez explains. “We are a family, and every member that steps into Legendary Fitness Miami becomes part of something greater than a gym.”

Described as “one of a kind,” the passionate team at the studio truly distinguishes Legendary in the highly competitive Miami market.

“We want our guests to feel that they are not just a number, but an addition to a second family. We pride ourselves on knowing everyone on a first-name basis, and encourage our members use their time with us to bond with other Legendary family members.”

The ultimate mission is to breed Legends, or members that are inspiring, aspiring, and extraordinary in their own ways.

“Legendary is a movement that represents the next generation of training,” Gonzalez notes.

A Legendary Future

As the company aims to expand this next generation of training, it currently is in the process of opening a second location in Florida, evolving its training programs, building an online platform, and launching an app.

“Despite our tough beginnings, the future is looking bright, and it’s all thanks to our amazing Legends,” says Gonzalez. “Breeding Legends is our specialty.”

Congrats to Legendary Fitness Miami, which won our first March Madness FITBRACKET by earning the most votes out of 64 studios! And at Lazaro’s request, here’s a huge shoutout to the outstanding team that builds the Legends:

Cassandra Baroniel • Solanch Blanco • Olga Bonilla • Gabriel Burrell • Kris Burrell • Emily Castaneda • Lorelys Conforme • Moises Hazenstaub • Carlos Rivera • Janet Youssef

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