bstrong fitbench

The B STRONG TRAINING SYSTEMTM is an innovative solution for strength training using either light or body weight. Gaining muscle and strength is simple with B-Strong’s technology: by constricting the blood flow around the muscles in your arms and legs, it forces your body to work equally as hard as it would if you were lifting heavy weights. It is ideal for individual people who want to get fit anywhere making it the perfect pair to any FITBENCH product.  The package is compact, lightweight, and doesn’t require any accessories to enjoy the benefits of full body strength training.


  • 2 arm bands & 2 leg bands
  • 1 hand pump
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 license for the guidance app

SIZING: As long as your limbs are bigger than 7in (18cm), which is the size of a 12-14yr old’s arm, or smaller than 39in (100cm) which is the size of a large NFL lineman’s thigh, we have you covered!

Our guidance app includes video instructions and tutorials that will teach you the basics of B STRONG training.  Once you create a user account, our algorithms will customize your pressure recommendations and walk you through basic exercises. From there, the only limitation is your imagination.